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3Z3A07413Z3A0741 3Z3A07503Z3A0750 3Z3A0758-33Z3A0758-3 3Z3A06503Z3A0650

3Z3A0513-23Z3A0513-2 3Z3A0543-23Z3A0543-2 3Z3A03943Z3A0394 3Z3A0556-23Z3A0556-2 3Z3A0855-33Z3A0855-3 3Z3A0900-23Z3A0900-2 3Z3A08033Z3A0803 3Z3A97873Z3A9787 3Z3A98243Z3A9824 3Z3A98663Z3A9866 3Z3A01833Z3A0183 3Z3A0318B3Z3A0318B Just as the bride started down the aisle, the rain and lighting started. We all just went for it because it was gods plan. Check in over the next few weeks as we add more photos to this Blog.

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